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Lipa Mdogo Mdogo Smartphones in Kenya

Lipa Mdogo Mdogo Phones in Kenya are available at Phone Hub Kenya store. Our terms and conditions are preferable and understandable. Call us to book a placing at +254 724 708056 or send us an email at

Smartphones available for Lipa Mdogo Mdogo

We offer Samsung smartphones for the Lipa Mdogo Mdogo deals in Kenya.

Samsung Lipa Mdogo Mdogo Phones

Samsung Lipa Mdogo Mdogo phones in Kenya.

A03 Core (2GB/32GB)Kshs. 3800Kshs. 468
A04 (2GB/32GB)Kshs. 5000Kshs. 599
A04 (4GB/64GB)Kshs. 5400Kshs. 599
A04E (4GB/32GB)Kshs. 3800Kshs. 603
A04E (4GB/128GB)Kshs. 5000Kshs. 641
A04S (4GB/64GB)Kshs. 5500Kshs. 780
A04S (4GB/128GB)Kshs. 5900Kshs. 766
A14 (4GB/64GB)Kshs. 6800Kshs. 891
A14 (4GB/128GB)Kshs. 6800Kshs. 967
A24 (4GB/128GB)Kshs. 8900Kshs. 1079
A24 (6GB/128GB)Kshs. 8900Kshs. 1309
A34 (6GB/128GB)Kshs. 13000Kshs. 1536
A54 (8GB/256GB)Kshs. 16500Kshs. 2169
S23 (8GB/256GB)Kshs. 31000Kshs. 4125
S23+ (8GB/256GB)Kshs. 35000Kshs. 4680
S23 Ultra (12GB/256GB)Kshs. 44000Kshs. 5893
S23 Ultra (12GB/512GB)Kshs. 48000Kshs. 6309
Z Fold 5Kshs. 68000Kshs. 8910
ZFlip 5Kshs. 40000Kshs. 5200

Oppo Lipa Mdogo Mdogo Phones in Kenya
Oppo A17KKshs. 4600Kshs. 757
Oppo A58Kshs. 6600Kshs. 1086
Oppo A98Kshs. 10000Kshs. 1646
Oppo A78Kshs. 9000Kshs. 1482
Oppo Reno 5GKshs. 13000Kshs. 2140
Oppo Reno 10 ProKshs. 15000Kshs. 2469

Tecno Lipa Mdogo Mdogo Phones in Kenya
Tecno Camon 19 ProKshs. 8600Kshs. 1416
Tecno Camon 20 ProKshs. 8400Kshs. 1383
Tecno Camon 20Kshs. 7000Kshs. 1152
Tecno Spark 10 Pro 256GBKshs. 6600Kshs. 1086
Tecno Spark 10 Pro 128GBKshs. 6000Kshs. 988
Tecno Spark 10C 8GB RAMKshs. 5200Kshs. 856
Tecno Spark 10C 4GB RAMKshs. 5000Kshs. 823
Tecno Pop 7 proKshs. 4400Kshs. 724
Tecno Pop 7Kshs. 4200Kshs. 691

Infinix Lipa Mdogo Mdogo Phones in Kenya
Infinix Smart 7 plusKshs. 4200Kshs. 691
Infinix Smart 7 HDKshs. 4000Kshs. 658
Infinix Hot 30iKshs. 4880Kshs. 803
Infinix Hot 30 PlayKshs. 5000Kshs. 823
Infinix Hot 30Kshs. 6600Kshs. 1086
Infinix Hot 30Kshs. 5000Kshs. 823
Infinix Note 30Kshs. 7000Kshs. 1152
Infinix Note 30 ProKshs. 8200Kshs. 1350
Infinix Note 30 VIPKshs. 10200Kshs. 1679

Terms and Conditions for Lipa Mdogo Mdogo

The following terms and conditions apply to the Lipa Mdogo Mdogo Service (“the Service”): –

The following phones are currently available on Lipa Mdogo Mdogo. Note that their availability will depend on prevailing market prices and stock.

Repayment can be done in the following intervals: daily, weekly, partial or full payment.

Where you default for thirty (30) days, you will be blacklisted, be disqualified for subsequent device loan facilities and your details will be forwarded to CRB.

Debt that remains unpaid for more than 90 days will be transferred to external collections agencies, authorized to collect debt on our behalf.

Devices are always sold to you subject to the Manufacturer’s limited warranty.



“Personal Information” means personal identifiable information as prescribed in the Data Protection Act which includes but is not limited to name, address, phone number, identification number, location data.

Collection of information

We are required by law to collect certain personal information and are legally obligated to deny you the service if such information is not availed.

Apart from the legal obligation mentioned above, we also need to collect your Personal Information for quality service delivery. Please note that although this is voluntary, without such information we may not be able to provide quality service.


We are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of the information we collect from you. Our privacy statement, as updated from time to time, explains how we treat your personal information, who we share your information with and measures taken protect your privacy when you use our Service. This can be found on Safaricom Data Privacy Statement. If unable to access the link or our website, please reach us on any of our customer care channels to receive a copy.

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